Where to Go If You Want African American Hair Transplant in Palm Desert?

African American Hair Transplant

Different from other hair restoration procedures, performing hair transplants on textured hair tends to be complex. However, you can count on Palm Desert hair restoration clinics to help you get the best on this procedure outcome. Doctors in this facility have all the skills to offer the best result. 

Doctors in Palm Desert treat all kinds of hair colors and textures. The doctor will treat you at the clinic based on your hair restoration goals. Even with textured hair, you can choose what the results look like. The doctor will carefully examine your scalp to understand how to perform this treatment best. You will get the best outcome whether you are going for smart PRP, FUT, or FUE African American hair restoration. Keep reading to learn more about this treatment.

Which Areas Do Textured Hair Restoration Target?

African American hair transplant surgery utilizes advanced hair restoration methods to help produce the best results. The surgeon typically uses the FUE technique to treat the following areas;

  •  Hair loss
  •  Scalp
  •  Hairline
  •  Pattern baldness

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What is African American Hair Transplant?

Achieving an African American hair transplant to fine and curly hair might be challenging. Due to African American hair’s delicate and fragile nature, performing this treatment is relatively complicated compared to other hair types. Textured hair is grouped into type 3 curls and two waves. The hair strands that are fine usually have a small circumference. Other than that, they are also narrow and thin. Several types are found between the wavy and kinky oily textured hair men.

You can find black men with straight hair because they do not have kinky hair. When it comes to siblings as well, the hair texture might vary. You might find different textures. Most people think that textured hair is vital. However, that is not the case. Textured hair requires to be handled with care since they are delicate. The coat requires high-quality textured products to help them stay moisturized every time.

Palm Desert surgeons handle all patients regardless of their hair type. The primary hair transplant technique used is mainly FUE. But the doctor usually requires you to change a few steps to help you get the desired outcome at the end of the hair transplant surgery. The doctor carefully analyses the result in every procedure performed to know if they can achieve it with our advanced methods. There are a few factors that need to be considered when performing African American hair transplant, and these include;

  •  The thickness of the hair. This can be either fine, coarse, or medium.
  •  Hair loss extent in the scalp.
  •  Balding area size
  •  If your hair is curly or straight

How Textured Hair Transplant Works

The surgeon harvests hair follicles from the scalp donor site during hair transplant surgery. Primarily, the surgeon will collect hair follicles from the back of your scalp since this area is unlikely to suffer from hair loss. The collected hair follicles will then be transplanted to the affected areas of your scalp. Doctors take hair follicles from this region because it will help you achieve hair density and thickness. After the surgery from Palm Desert, you will not recognize yourself because the outcome will be natural and last longer.

The two main hair restoration methods will help you to get the best results. During the hair restoration surgery, more effort will be redirected to the density and thickness of your hair. The surgeon will use microsurgical techniques to help create the most realistic outcome. To make the result even more accurate, the doctor will blend your hair follicles seamlessly.

Differentiating between the transplanted hair follicles and the original hair will be challenging after these procedures are done. The implanted hair follicles will require to flow in the same direction as the initial hair if a more natural appearance Is achieved when performing the African American hair transplant surgery. This outcome is always achieved by staggering donor hair follicle placement. It will then ensure that the sites suffering from hair loss are well covered.

Advantages of Getting a Textured Hair Transplant Surgery

If you have African American hair and suffer from hair loss, the best option is to get this surgery. This surgery will give you a fuller head of hair. Here are the benefits of African American hair restoration surgery;

  •  Does not result in any linear scars at the donor site
  •  It is effective
  •  Creates a more natural outcome
  •  Does not result in any pain or discomfort
  •  The recovery is quicker
  •  Less downtime
  •  Provides a permanent hair loss solution.


African American hair transplant surgery helps produce the best outcome if performed by the best surgeon. Palm Desert’s Doctor Cohen has the skills required to complete this surgery. Something worth noting is that this surgery will not change the texture of your hair. This is because the amino acid is still the same. After the surgery, you will need to wait for a few months to start seeing the outcome. Eventually, the desired outcome will be visible after 12 months.

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