Why is Selenium, and How It Works?

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Selenium is an open-source test automation framework. It allows automation of the web pages across various browsers and provides the compatibility of running the automation tasks. It is gaining immense popularity amongst software testers.

Further, there are about six languages supported by Selenium. For help, you can consult with Selenium Job Support. They know all the works of Selenium. Contact the experts and solve any of your problems.

What is known as Selenium Framework?

It is a widespread automation testing to help automate the mobile and desktop browsers. The framework is not just one but a bundle of various applications. It is a toolbox to make life so much easier. Further, it becomes an essential part when creating robust automation integration. When people talk of Selenium, they just talk about Selenium Web Driver. But there are other parts to it to help make the work easier.

The tools that makeup the framework

1. Selenium RC

It is a server system to control all the web browsers locally. It works on all computers and other programming languages. There are various versions but don’t get confused with the Web Driver. Sometimes the RC is merged with the Web Driver. It would help if you used both of them separately.

2. Selenium IDE

The Integrated Framework is available only for two browsers. It is known for Chrome and Firefox. The extension is an easy one, and you can use it properly. There is a recorded view that can be changed into other languages. Selenium Web Driver is the best when you want an advanced version.

3. Selenium Web Driver

It is a browser-specific driver for the launching of various browsers. It can be mobile or desktop browsers. Additionally, there is an interface to help you write and run the automation for the scripts. For instance, Chrome has Chrome Driver, and Safari has Safari Driver, etc.

Web Driver provides the ability to test the websites’ dynamics when the content changes.

4. Selenium Grid

With the Grid, there are parallel sessions that can be run by many servers simultaneously. All the scripts are communicated with the hubs from the Nodes. It is then executed in the same manner.

What are the features of Selenium?

Selenium has some insane features and of which it is gaining immense popularity.

1. It helps in supporting multiple browsers. For example, you can simultaneously use browsers like Google, Opera, Firefox, etc.
2. It also supports various programming languages. Further, this includes Python, Java, C#, etc.
3. Selenium has a Web Driver to find all the web elements in the web applications. In addition, the framework is very portable and open source.
4. There is continuous delivery and integration to increase the efficiency of tests.

Why should you go for automation testing?

Most of the software is web-based, working on online modes. These applications are used widely among various companies. Therefore, you can adopt the pyramid testing strategy to get the best out of the Selenium framework.


Selenium is very easy to understand, and you can quickly learn it on your own. But you must know the languages supported by Selenium like Python, Java, etc. It is one of the best automation tools. It comes up with various components for ease of the tasks.

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